Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day to Day

So this past week has been very interesting, Full of ups, downs & illness in our household! BG finally made it home Tuesday afternoon & B was admitted to WPIC. We did finally find out what case the GAL was appointed for & it is a crock of $hit, B's old school(the mainstream one he no longer attends) filed AGAIN in court for Truancy, even though he had been attending the behavioral school on a regular basis! Nothing is going to come of the case as it can be proven that B was in school, but it still doesn't make it any less stressful! 
As things stand right now B's discharge plan from WPIC is that he will either go to a long term RTF & if they can't place him upon his discharge then he will be placed into CPS custody(we are voluntarily giving them temporary custody) until they can get him a spot in a long RTF! We don't now exactly when he will be discharged from WPIC or what RTF he will go to(or even if it is close to us) but we DO KNOW that this is what is best for him as he will be able to get 24 hr care & treatment in a RTF that he cannot get at home! I am sure many of you are wondering why we would do this to our own child but until you have been through what we have been through you can never fully understand! We love our son Very Much, So much so that we are willing to let him go to make sure that he gets the Help, Treatment & Care the he so desperately needs! You see, most insurances will not pay for psychiatric treatment, other then Acute care(which is very short term & not very helpful for B)! So in order to get the RTF paid for we either have to find an RTF that will work with us & make sure our insurance will pay for long term Psych care or CPS has to have custody so that they can get him covered under state insurance(which will pay for it)! Unfortunately for us it seems that the latter is probably going to be the only way we can make it work & We have to do what is best for B so that he gets the treatment he needs to get better! If CPS takes custody(we would actually voluntarily sign over temporary custody but maintain Parental Rights at all times) then they would place him in a RTF and all the treatment would be paid for by the state. He would remain in temporary custody of CPS for a year & then we would re-evaluate the situation, if after the first year he is making progress at the RTF & it looks like he would be able to be discharged with in another year then CPS would keep temporary custody of him until he is discharged from the RTF(it has to be with in the 2nd year time frame) then we would be given custody back! If after 2 years he is still in CPS custody then they will take permanent custody but we will still maintain our parental rights so that we may be involved in what ever happens in his life! Should B get well enough to come out of the RTF after CPS has already taken permanent custody them we can petition to get custody of him back & then a Judge would have to decide if it was in everyone's(B's & the other children) best interest to have him placed back in the home! No final decisions have been made yet but there are some meetings set up for this coming week to discuss our options and determine what is the best course of action! NO decision we make is going to be an easy one & We agonize over it every day & night but we want what is best not only for B but for ALL the children invovled!

On another note:

This week H, L & LJ have been wired, crazy & off the hook! The beginning of the week was really bad as their behavior was obnoxious, they were not listening at all, they were extremely combative with each other and just plain spastic but things started to calm down as the week came to an end & it was a very nice change! We took the kids to breakfast & out to see HOP on Saturday and everyone loved it, we had a very nice time & enjoyed the non-stressed environment! We also took the kids to the grocery store, which was a crazy idea on my part but we manged to get through it all with out any major fits(For once) & get the needed items! I wasn't able to get everything on my list(I usually get a majority of  my grocery shopping done at the beginning of the month & then just pick up the needed items throughout the month) as I was in some major pain which I believe maybe Endometriosis & just wanted to go home & rest! Last night we all watch the Kids Choice Awards & had a blast, they kids all went to bed fairly peacefully and slept through the night without an issues, YAY!!!!! I am hoping that this coming week is going to be less stressful for all of us & that the kids can try to settle back into a routine(which they desperately need) as things start to change!

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