Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 2AM Phone Call

So things have been completely crazy since my last post! B was off the hook all weekend & all he did was continue to be destructive, obnoxious & aggressive, So we had no option other then too try and contain him in his room to keep everyone safe. We were also blindsided on Saturday by a letter that came in the mail notifying us that B has been issued a GAL(Guardian Ad Litem) by the Juvenile courts! He did have a case a few months back filed by the mainstream school he was attending, They complained he was truant because he was out with a broken leg & could not attend due to the fact that he was in a cast from hip to toes & his mainstream school was not ADA compliant to allow him the accessibility to get around. Of course BG went to the mediation hearing and explained the situation(keep in mind B was in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh at this time), the faculty members from his mainstream school were mean, yelled at BG & told him it was our fault B was the way he was but they didn't have a problem with him(of course they didn't because they gave him everything he wanted & babied the crap out of him by doing his school work for him), We were then told that we needed to notify the courts to where ever B went to school(the mainstream school was just pissed off because we had B transferred to a behavioral school) & that other then that the case was done! However the case in which a GAL was issued is a totally different case, the problem is that we don't know what the case actually is because we haven't been served with the court documents yet(we got the GAL doc by U.S. Mail but the notification of the actually cased usually will come certified & we haven't received anything yet)! All we know it that someone filled an Unruly Child Charge against him and that he now has a GAL to help us in the case. After the horrible weekend we had BG called the Psychiatrist the sees B and asked what we should do with him, She called back to inform us that in order to have him placed in a long term RTF it has to be court ordered, But she believes that is probably the best shot he has to get help! I guess having the case against him(not that we know anything about it yet) could be beneficial in getting the order we need to have him placed for long term treatment, however it is going to be a time consuming issue which is concerning, even more so 
now considering what happened tonight!

B was so off the hook tonight(Monday) that he trashed his room again & broke another double pained window in his room, all the while saying "He Hated Us" and "Wished We Were Dead"! So we did just what CPS & Jefferson Behavioral(his Psych's office) told us to do if he got out of control again, we called the Police....BG was at work in Pittsburgh and called the Sheriff's Dept who then proceeds to call me at home to see how things are going! WTF, what do mean how are things going, the are horrible & my son is completely out of control! She then tells me that because he is so young that Jail/Juvenile Detention is not the place for him & that it will have bad repercussions on the other kids as B would probably not go quietly! I thought to my self, Well NO DUH DUMB ASS, I already knew that but you are suppose to be able to help me! She then tells me that there is nothing they can do for me and that she would pass the message on to her Sergeant and that he may call me! YEAH, like that is really going to do anything for us :(

So BG called WPIC(An Acute RTF/hospital) again and they said to bring him in immediately! So once again BG left work to come home & take our out of control child back to the RTF AGAIN! He left home about 7:30 pm & considering it is about an hour drive to this place he arrived in the ER unit at WPIC around 8:30, B is the only child in the ER dept at this point! I am home with the rest of the children, who are all sleeping soundly when I receive my 2 AM phone call from BG, he is still in the ER unit & has no idea when he will be home. B is out of control & wired off the hook, So BG is having issues keeping him from waking up the others that are in the ER unit as well! He is not allowed to have his cell phone with him so I have no contact with him & I had no idea what was happening until he called to tell me that he was OK but very tired as B was running him ragged & he wasn't able to get an rest. WPIC  doesn't have a bed available for B right now but because of the severity of his condition the will not release him, So BG has to stay up there with B and wait for a bed to open up so that he may be admitted! I, nor BG have any idea of how long they will have to wait for bed & I am concerned about BG getting sleep so that he can drive home once B is admitted! My guess is that B will be in WPIC for about 2 weeks(maybe a little longer), So now we have to fight the time clock to find out about this court case against B & try to get in to see a judge who hopefully will grant a motion to have him ordered into a long term RTF before he comes out of the Acute Facility!

I know I must sound like a horrible mother, wanting to have my child committed so to speak but he NEEDS the HELP and I, nor anyone around us(including his behavioral school) seem to be able to give that to him! I am finally glad that a few people are getting to see what we see & understand that B, despite his very young age, has a very advanced degree of violence & can  do more damage then anyone one believes. At this point not only do we believe that an RTF is his best shot but so do the Director of the behavioral school, his Psychiatrist & apparently someone else(who ever filed the unruly charge against him)! This really is a case of "You got to see it to believe it", because of his age no one believes that he can really do the damage that I speak of but I know first hand just how physically & emotionally destructive my little boy can be!
I don't know what the future holds for any of us at this point but I know that I am going to FIGHT to get my Son, B any help he needs while trying to keep my other children safe, NO MATTER WHAT I HAVE TO DO!

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